Garen’s Perseverance


garen guide

“The most effective way to kill an opponent is to slice through the man next to him” – Garen’s in front of line strategy .
One of the best solo- laners in the game- He will earn almost every enemy he’s up against. If paired with a capable summoner with stuns /snarest/taunts he will always win that lane. Garen has high resistance to damage and can instantly execute a half HP low-MR champion. A great performer , great -looking , fun to play and he is an offensive tank that can sustain more damage depending on the needs of the team.Garen needs to hit hard in order to important to the team, he needs to move fast around the battlefield and deal hard damages. It is best played as an offensive character.
Archaic Knowledge is only your ultimate the only spell that deals magic that is very useful when fighting with enemies that stack MR.Garen is also the best farmer in the game he has the ability to plant grass – Garen infects an area with grass seeds causing additional causing additional grass to grow every 30 seconds and if it is fully grown it can be used by allies and enemies.

Garen’s one of the most famous ability is perseverance – it will hold the lane with ease the reason why garen is an amazing lane power whenever Garen does not receive any damage he will start to regenerate his health and don’t need to spend for health potion . The Duran Blade – one that he is holds in the right hand is a great advantage in lane durability.

Its a very passive skill if your running out of life you just get back to the tower and play defensive soon you will regain your life and can fight again without going back and loosing. Garen Perseverance is one of the best characteristic it has a regeneration bonus. you can go to the other line woth no health and arrived with full and can help the team mates.
Ethernal Thirst – You dont get hit , regain hp, able to run and get hit again. If you take some damaged and have a decent lane partner you can take cover in a bush or can go back to the building and heal while they take enemy off you.this allow you to stay in lane as long as you want and not as long as you can. However you should remember that if you’re really low, it will take sometime to regain enough hp to keep fighting.
Seven seconds is a long time. Perseverance is useful in the laning phase and is hardly used outside of that ,but maybe when running to the jungle for a junk . you can keep your passive while you attack minions as long as they don’t hit you

Always remember that if it is used correctly during early game it can be very helpful. make sure you rest and activate this buff, then go into combat. Once you hit its removed, so try to keep it as possible as you can during the early stage for longer laning.

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