There is an open debate about the best 3vs3 champions, many will claim that certain champions are flat out better than others (Mundo, Jax), and that some are even useless (Kayle, Twitch). Certain champions may have distinct advantages, but EVERY champion has their place, if you elaborate your team’s tactics around it. There are many factors need to be considered when creating a 3v3 strategy, particularly on Twisted Treeline, that’s no exception for Garen, he might be strong, but he isn’t superman so use strategy to your advantage! Never forget that.
Garen has a very good early game, take that to your advantage, think big and with the help of your friends get buffs, using Garen on 3vs3 games this way is fun, I guarantee!
While there are important buffs to scatter out through the jungle (top), it is no accident that the Lizard is at the center of the map. Teams that focus on controlling this point, and gaining this lizard buff will more often than not dominate map control.
In Twisted Treeline, the team that controls the center of the map, often wins the game, lizard buff is important, use wards and be aware of things. Don’t forget that using Garen in 3vs3 games with lizard buff turns him into a “big bad boy” especially if you build him AD + Armor penetration + Crit (Youmuu’s Ghostblade) early game, so you don’t waste Garen natural strengths (gaining the lizard buff is almost synonymous to getting 2-3 hero kills because of its damage and slow effect). Garen might be tanky because he has high survivability but he isn’t a tank, I can’t stress enough the importance of this issue! Garen is a Tanky Dps or if you like an offtank!
So, get the lizard buff, early and often. While you have it, use it. Gank constantly. Think with your head and don’t die, giving gold and a free buff to the other team, unless you are certain that they will die after, passing the buff to your teammate and extending its duration.

Be aggressive, cowards lose hard and fast in Twisted Treeline. You need to take calculated risks. Don’t play with the “I’m superman” mentality, which leads you to death.
Using Garen you need to make the most of every enemy death. The perfect time to farm is after a successful gank. Farm and push while the enemy is dead. If they are alive, you need to know where they are and hunt them. Believe me, if you are not, the other team is.

Overall, I think Garen does have quite a bit going for him in 3v3, because of his survivability (even in early-game), his ganking prowess, and his skill at quick jungling (with his E skill he can clear the smaller jungle stations pretty quick usually). Really, he IS a pretty good choice for 3v3 in my opinion. Maybe not the best, but not the worst.
Build suggestion 21 (offence) 9 (defence) – Start with 1 Doran’s blade and try to build a Youmuu’s Ghostblade as fast as you can (don’t forget to gamble with your boots choice), try to get solo top (if you can) to your advantage, don’t forget to buy defense items as well (Example: thornmail). Grab Flash + Exhaust, but consider Ignite if you don’t have it on your team (Mundo is a common choice on Twisted Treeline). Grab 9 Greater Marks of Desolation (Arp), 3 Greater Quints of Desolation (Arp), 9 Greater Seals of Resilience (Armor) and 9 Greater Glyphs of Shielding (Magic Resistance).

Remember using Garen in 3v3 games is simply… EPIC! I wish you all the luck in the world and many wins!

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