Garen AD vs Tank


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Riot Games have developed and published League of legends. It is an action real time strategy game. The game is a multilayer game where different players join together and play to win. Each player can choose a champion and hence the game progresses. Garen, also known as might of Demarcia, is one of the champions in league of legends. He is quite flexible and a player can choose to be Garen AD or Tank, depending upon how the team is progressing. He is basically called as such because of the role your champion plays. We’ll discuss them in somewhat detail so as to provide you, the reader, a better understanding of your champion and help you to best use this character in League of legends. As a whole, Garen possesses the following abilities; Perseverance, decisive strike, courage, judgment and Demacian Justice. All these names correspond to some special ability that a Garen possesses.

So what is tank? Tank is basically the player who is assigned the job to instigate battles with enemy and to draw damage onto himself. Ideally, it’s a player with a lot of HP. Apart from initiating battles; tanks also protect every other player that isn’t a tank. Tanks also help with lane pushes. Garen tank has improved initiation. He can intercept attacks that are being directed at your other players. However, he will take damage very easily. An ideal choice if you’re planning to go all attack! What’s even better is this; you need not bother about Garen tank if you are not facing any threat! Moving over to Garen AD, he can sustain even more damage than a Garen tank. He is good at chases and can pretty much catch up with every enemy in terms of speed. Garen AD stands on the battlefield as a quite huge threat to enemy’s squishes. Moving to Garen Ad’s weak points; the character relies heavily on items. Simply put, one wrong item and your character will go down. Contrary to Garen tank, Garen AD lacks when it comes to initiation. You must turn your Garen AD into a real threat otherwise you’ll die pretty soon.

Let’s provide you with some tips with regards to both, Garen AD and Garen Tank. For Garen AD, use your finishing move when the enemy is about to escape to their turret. Sometimes, you will be forced to use hit and run tactic, don’t be ashamed to use it. It’s a war and tactics are important! For Garen tank, you must check the bushes. Also you should try standing between your mates and enemy so as to block he attacks and save your mates. Another tip that is applicable to both Garen, if you can avoid receiving damage, please do! Garen’s regeneration abilities increase quite fast when he is not receiving damage! Also to increase you Courage’s effectiveness, kill a lot of minion. Kill them all! You are a warrior and you must wage wars! Parting words, each type, Garen AD and Garen Tank have their own pros and cons. You should select the one which is most suitable for your team, since teamwork will get you through! Good luck to you!

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