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Garen – The fearless and true warrior!

The virtual world is like a fantasy land. Everything that one cannot do or be in real life, he can be in the virtual world. This is why most of the players like playing games. To let people escape from reality at least for a little while, many games are created. One such game that has gained tremendous popularity today is the League of Legends. Garen’s Demacian Justice is what should be witnessed at least once by everyone who out there who plays games.

Garen is a very strong and powerful individual. Crownguard is his family name, while his parents are called Marcus and Lilia. He also has a younger sister called Lux. The tradition of this family is that each and every member has to join the Demacian forces. Garen has always shown himself to be the true warrior. He rescued Demacia’s crown prince and his childhood companion, Jarvan IV from the Noxian forces. For all his courage, he is proudly called, “The might of Demacia”. He is the DauntlessVanguard’s leader and is the most feared soldier throughout Valoran.

Garen shares a confusing connection with Katrina who is also the blade mistress and thus, his opponent. Garen has always jumped at every opportunity to duel with her, since the time they first fought one another. Garen has different quotes for every occasion. All his dialogues depend on whether he is joking, taunting, selecting his weapon or attacking. Certain dialogues are used specifically for some weapons.

Along with all this Garen is also a stylish warrior. Apart from the Classic skin and the Sanguine Garen skin, there is also an option in between Commando Garen skin, Garen Dessert Trooper skin, Rugged Garen skin and Dreadknight Garen skin.
The one specialty of Garen is that ability power does not benefit in any way. But even then, he can easily deal with magic due to his classic weapon, Garen’s Demacian Justice. This sword is not just unique, but it is also sacred. Besides Garen’s Demacian Justice he also has many other powerful weapons that make him dangerous.

Garen’s Decisive Strike manages to cause physical damage to his opponent and silences him for 2.5 seconds. Courage is the name of Garen’s shield that protects him. Judgment is his other sword that causes damage to his opponents in every 50 seconds, but it has only half its actual effects if the Minions are the opponents. If judgment is being used, Garen cannot use Decisive Strike or Demacian Justice. Garen’s Demacian Justice still remains the ultimate weapon as it prevents magic from damaging him and simultaneously damages the health of the opponent.

While using Demacian Justice one must always keep sight of the target as it takes half a second to get casted and the spell is cancelled if you lose sight of your opponent. The one benefit of Decisive Strike is that when it is cast, it refreshes the attack timer. Also, you will know that Judgment has done critical damage when a sword particle is seen above your opponent.
So play League of Legends today! And if you already are into League of Legends, then undoubtedly the one thing that you know your opponents will fear is Garen’s Demacian Justice!

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