Garen Tank Build

The League of Legends game is starting to become the game of choice for most gamers.  The game has a lot of characters to choose from and one of the characters that has the capability to be unstoppable both offensively and defensively is Garen.  Garen is one of the melee fighters that can be chosen in the game.  Among all the characters, he is one of the more simple ones to use because of the passive skills that he has that makes him hard to kill and the offensive skills that will take down even the strongest opponents.  This Garen build guide will give you an idea on how to use him both ways.

Garen has three offensive skills that can deal great damage to the enemies.  Decisive Strike, Judgement and Demacian Justice are the offensive skills that you can upgrade.  Decisive Strike is a great skill that must be upgraded at least once even during the earlier stages of the game.  The attack gives Garen extra speed and additional damage aside from silencing the enemy.  This skill can turn things around because a silenced enemy cannot use skills which can make it very easy to kill them.  The extra speed is also a big boost so that the enemy cannot escape Garen and you can easily finish the enemy off with the other remaining skills.  Judgement is a skill that has an area of effect which means that it is great to deal damage to multiple enemies.  Using this skill after doing Decisive Strike while on one enemy will get his life low enough so that you can finish him of with Demacian Justice.  Demacian Justice is the best skill to use on enemies that are low on health.  The skill has a base magic damage that increases per level of the skill and there is an extra damage for every certain number of health points that the target is missing.  This skill is perfect to finish of enemies with low health because the lower the life the enemy has, the bigger the damage of the skill is which makes it deadlier.

Garen has two main defensive skills that are very useful especially when Garen is used as a tanker.  A tanker is a character that is used to take in most of the damage and Garen’s Courage skill is ideal to make Garen an effective tanker.  The skill gives Garen additional armor and magic resistance which will make him that much harder to kill.  The bonus armor and magic resistance increases for every enemy unit killed and it maxes out to give Garen an almost impenetrable armor when mixed with items that complement these skills.  The active part of Garen’s Courage skill gives Garen an extra shield for three seconds decreasing damage at 36% max at its highest level.  This is great when a clash happens and every enemy is hitting Garen with all they’ve got.  The other defensive skill of Garen is Perseverance which allows Garen to regenerate a huge amount of his health if he does not take damage for an extended period of time.

Garen is an effective Champion that can be used both offensively and defensively.  Upgrading the right skills and equipping the right weapons can make Garen unstoppable offensively and impossible to kill defensively.

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