Garen Guide

Garen Guide

League of Legends, also known as LOL, is an RTS game developed by Riot games and Microsoft Windows.
It was inspired by another game also developed by the same company, Defense of the Ancients, also known as DotA. The game is basically played by having two separate teams. Each team starts on their opponents side of the map near what is called a fountain, and the game is won when the other team surrenders or is destroyed. Winning a game requires for you to break down several buildings called Turrets, along with killing the random monsters which come out during the game. Despite the game being so much fun to play, it can be hard when you aren’t a good character. Which is why many have considered the Champion, Garen, as the best character to be.

•Why should I be Garen?

Garen the Might of Demacia is a champion in League of Legends, and his amazing skills can help anybody defeat their opponents team in a super short amount of time. For those of you who don’t undersand why you should use him, you should start to consider his strengths during the game. First, he has magic resistance that increases by 0.5 every time that he kills an enemy. So, he could last a long time compared to other characters. He can actually gain a maximum of 25 armor and resistance spells, which is good enough already. If you want to win your next LOL game without struggling, Garen is the character you need to be.

•How do I use him effectively?

If you have yet to use Garen, you’ll probably notice that he spins a lot. He can easily target using his ult before darting out right away. When you use him, don’t get life steal right away unless you really have to. You should normally get life steal if you’re rarely in the middle of a combat. However, Garen is always in action and constantly moving, so you wouldn’t need life steal all too much. Instead, try to save it until the end. To use Garen effectively, play him as Tanky DPS and build lots of armor. Once that’s done, start filling up your item slots with damaged items. This will help increase your survivability level immensely.

•Are there any downsides to using Garen?

Most definitely not. Garen is a character who can withstand all attacks thrown at him. If there was one downside, it would be that he’s a bit slow once he finishes off a spin. So, you want to be careful when using this, as it could potentially back fire. Nonetheless, if you use him effectively and you constantly increase your survivability levels, you can last longer than you would if you played as somebody else. If you’d like to use him even more effectively, you should consider getting a Garen guide for more success.

League of Legends is a wonderful game that can be quite confusing at times. However, once you know how to use Garen effectively, you won’t have to deal with any big problems. His strengths far outweigh the slight downsides and his survivability levels could easily help you to stay in the game much longer than you would before.

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