Garen Build

Garen Build

The League of Legends is a real time strategy game that was made to cater to the growing needs of quality games that people will love to play.  The game is evolving every time and the game just keeps on getting better and better.  From time to time, new characters, weapons and items are added to make the game more interesting.  This puts a prime on strategy making to get a better chance of winning.  One character that most people should learn to use is Garen, a melee fighter which is necessary for a team to succeed especially in 5 vs 5 situations.

Garen is designed to be an effective tanker in the game.  He has skills that will allow him to take heavy damage and he will still survive.  He is the best hero to put on the front line to take on the most hits that the enemy can offer.  He is also a fast healer which makes him that much reliable because there is not need to constantly heal him.  Garen will be very tough to kill especially if there is a healer in the team who can heal Garen to allow him to take even more damage.

Garen has two skills that will protect him from most harm that the enemy can offer and these skills are Courage and Perseverance.  The passive effect of Courage increases Garen’s armor and magic resistance every time he kills an enemy unit.  This greatly reduces the damage that spell casters do.  Having both a high armor and magic resistance will make most magic done by spell casters become bearable.  Courage’s active function gives Garen a shield that will significantly reduce all damage taken for 3 seconds.  This is the perfect skill to use when a clash happens because Garen will most likely take all of the damage.  Activating this skill mixed with the armor and magic resistance makes even the most powerful attacks seem like a normal attack.  Perseverance is a skill that allows Garen to heal in such a fast speed.  .5% of Garen’s total hp will regenerate when he does not receive any form of damage after 7 seconds.  This makes him very useful especially because he does not have to go back to the base to heal himself.  This makes Garen one of the best defenders in the game.

Adding items like the Force of Nature, Randuin’s Omen and Mercury’s Treads will allow Garen to be that much harder to kill.  The unique effects of this items give massive bonuses that is excellent when it comes to complementing Garen’s skills and use.  These items have additional health effects, health regeneration and magic resistance.  Putting these items on Garen will give opponents a big headache because they will be using almost all their skills to kill Garen which will leave them vulnerable to all the other players in the team.  They will not have enough skills to deal with the remaining players if they try to kill Garen first.

Saving Garen for last is also a bad idea for opponents because he also has offensive skills that can deal great damage.  Having a tanker like Garen is a huge advantage for any team.

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