Dreadknight Garen

Dreadknight Garen

Garen is a versatile character in League of Legends who is capable of dealing huge amounts of damage with his offensive skills and can take the strongest skills of other opponents with his impressive defensive skills.  There are items in the game that can enhance both the offensive and defensive capabilities of every character and knowing which one can do you good is certainly a huge advantage.  Each item has a different effect and mixing and matching items to complement each other so that you can get the most deadly offense or the best defense possible is essential.

An item like the Yommu’s Ghostblade which provides additional attack damage, critical strike and armor penetration is an ideal item to equip Garen because this allows him to deal more damage.  It will complement the skills that he already has so that he can kill an enemy easily.  Another good offensive item is the Last Whisper which gives additional damage and a much higher armor penetration percentage.  The 40% armor penetration is a big help because there are some characters with insanely high armor which makes then tough to kill.  Entropy is also a great item to use because not only does it add damage but it can also slow the enemies down by 30% which is very useful so that the enemy cannot run away and escape.  The Infinity Edge is the ultimate item when it comes to damaging enemies.  It gives an additional 80 damage to your hero with a 25% chance critical strike.  The critical strike is also increased from 200% to 250% which is a huge increase.  The Bloodthirster is also another item that you can use to equip Garen with.  It provides additional damage and life steal which will make Garen that much harder to kill.  The item also increases its damage and life steal with every kill that the Garen makes which makes the weapon that much more useful.

For the defensive items, the Aegis of the Legion is a great item that can be equipped to Garen because there are bonuses for everyone in the team.  Nearby Champions will gain bonuses too because of the aura that the item has and it provides the wearer additional health, magic resistance and armor.  The Guardian Angel is another excellent item that you can use because it resurrects your Champion when he dies.  This item is great especially when Garen’s main purpose is to tank and take most of the damage that the enemy can offer because killing Garen for the first time is already hard enough, what more if they have to kill Garen twice.  Randuin’s Omen is another excellent item for Champions like Garen who are mostly used to take much damage.  The Omen adds health to its wearer which is very useful.   Additional armor is also provided by the item which can make Garen that much harder to kill but the best effect of the item is the additional health regeneration that it has.  This makes Garen that much harder to kill because he can just keep on coming back after a few seconds away from action because of his fast healing capabilities.

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