garen dps/ad defensive build

Garen DPS/AD Defensive Build

Garen, The Might of Demacia, is one of most played and also most loved champions in League Of Legends. It is a fighter and a melee character, killing its enemies very easily if it’ s properly feeded. Even if it’ s an offensive champion, Garen can also be played as a tank.

The best Garen DPS/AD Defensive Build is to transform it into a real tank, with proper defensive items, runes and masteries.

So what is a tank suppose to do? A tank is someone (a character from LOL) who can take plenty amount of damage, but also, using all the health/ armor he has, can do a nice amount of damage to the enemy team, causing them to think twice before ignoring it.

So let’ s start and build Garen as a real tank.


– Marks: the best choice is to pick the greater mark of might. Garen is knows for its destructive spinning capabilities, so by buying mark of might, you can easily and steadily increase your damage every level, making Garen much more aggressive. And don’ t forget that while spinning you can escape enemy ambushes.

– Seal: the armor provided by the greater seal of resilience in the beginning of the game helps a lot to be protected, especially in early game. In late game, the items you buy will help not being killed easily.

– Glyphs: the greater glyph of shielding will help you being protected very well of those nasty AP nukers

– Quint of Swiftness: the best choice, ’cause running can save you better than fighting sometimes

Masteries & Summoner Spells

Heal and Exhaust are the proper spells which you’ ll have to choose before the game starts.
The best mastery set is 9 /21 /0, gaining extra armor penetrations and improved healing, armor and magic resistance.


First of all, begin with Doran’ s shield, and then try to buy as quick as you can a nice pair of Boots of Speed, which you’ ll upgrade to Mercury Treads after 10-15 minutes of game. The Giant Belt and then the Sunfire Cape are the must have items, especially the Cape which is perfect to damage enemy team and minions.

After that, try to buy Aegis of Legion and the amazing Guardian Angel. By the time you’ ll have all these items and build your Garen DPS/AD Defensive Build , you will be very hard to kill, especially if there is no fed enemy around. If it happens to die, you’ ll come back to life, and you have a great opportunity then to make them feel dumb and be mad.

The Randuin’ s omen is the next piece in the puzzle. Then choose either Thornmail, Force of Nature or Banshee’ s Veil, depending on how the enemy team is build.

As a conclusion, this can be the best strategy and build for Garen, if you play it as a tank. Don’ t forget to farm a lot in the early game and just play safe, push more and continue farming in the mid game and in the last game stick with your teammates and play the decoy role in the team.

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