Garen DPS/AD Defensive Build Garen, The Might of Demacia, is one of most played and also most loved champions in League Of Legends. It is a fighter and a melee character, killing its enemies very easily if it’ s properly feeded. Even if it’ s an offensive champion, Garen can also be played as a tank. The best Garen DPS/AD Defensive Build is to transform it into a real tank, …Read the Rest

Garen Skilling Order For Your Advantage

Every character that can be used in real time strategy games are different. Normally, no player can use the same …Read the Rest

Garen’s Perseverance

“The most effective way to kill an opponent is to slice through the man next to him” – Garen’s in …Read the Rest

Using Garen in 3v3 games! Epic

There is an open debate about the best 3vs3 champions, many will claim that certain champions are flat out better …Read the Rest

Garen AD vs Tank

Garen AD vs Tank

  Riot Games have developed and published League of legends. It is an action real time strategy game. The game …Read the Rest

Garen – The fearless and true warrior!

Garen – The fearless and true warrior! The virtual world is like a fantasy land. Everything that one cannot do …Read the Rest

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